Earlier this year I facilitated a group of 20 Strathbogie Tableland artists gathered to identify common goals. The preeminent subject discussed was the creative potential that could be harnessed by working together in a communal space.

With the purpose of establishing a Strathbogie Arts Hub, Bogart came into existence. The Bogart collective aims to foster a community arts culture of idea sharing, teaching, learning and collaborative work. Planning has begun for a flexible structure that will accomodate various configurations of public studios, workshops, exhibition and community gathering spaces.

As Strathbogie artist Katie van Nooten prepares a commission for Geelong Hospital, she is sharing her temporary studio space in a large shopfront in the main street of Euroa with fellow Bogart artists. Here they are collectively modellling their ideas as above and dispaying their talents as below. As you can see, they are a remarkable talented group.

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