Walking in the evening

walking in the evening

I’m walking in the evening
Smelling all the sounds
I’m strolling through the gloaming
Doing my Icarus rounds

I’m catching all the moonbeams
And putting them in my pocket
Remembering fondly daydreams
Preparing days last docket

The path is lit quite brightly
In silver and dappled grey
The water sprites dance lightly
On moonlit water spray

And where the cascading creek
Pools calmly at my feet
It reflects the Milky Way

I’m walking in the evening
Hearing all that I can see
I sense the bobuck in the tree
Before the bobuck senses me

A tawny frogmouth silhouettes
Against a star bright sky
With silent flight of no regret
His dive is only heard by eye

White shades of cockatoos
Perch ghostly in pairs aloft
Crests rising to the “Who? Who?”
Of the barn owl in near croft

Mother koala briefly joins me
On her own purposeful path
Her joey clinging grimly
To her shoulders makes me laugh

And then a cool evening breeze
Tousles my hair as if to please
And praise my meandering task

I’m walking in the evening
Touching scents borne on air
I’m feeling all I’m feeling
I’m shedding care by care

Honeysuckle’s sweet subtle breath
Permeates all around
Bullrushes whisper secrets kept
Chocolate lilies abound
The swamp gum rustles above me
The peppermint towers high
The snow gum looks so lovely
As I tread quietly by

Flowering gums are tipped with fairy tutus
The manna creaks as it sways
They sprinkle the night with eucalyptus
Australian bush past close of day

Then on the horizon I see my home
It calls me from my roaming
To sit in darkness without a sound
And savour all tonight has shown me
While walking in the evening

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