breakfast 01


When I think of you I wonder

How do you start your day

I know so little about you

It’s time for me to say


What do you eat for breakfast?

Is it toast with a coffee you bolt

Or is cheese and crisp bread your style

As you dash, time is tight, not your fault


Do you sit in a window to chew

your way through over cooked ham

As you take time to ponder and muse

On the weight of the world to the gram


Do you rail at the idea of early eating

Power shake power dress polish teeth

smile to the mirror in faux greeting

Getting ready to crush those beneath


Or is grease and lathered butter your favourite

Tomato sausages bacon mushroom

A cure for the frequent hangover

That swamps you most mornings in gloom


Do you like bircha muesli with yoghurt

A bright start to each rosy day

Some fruit and a freshly squeezed juice

To get sent on your light airy way


Do you enjoy porridge and the paper

Via the iPad the tablet or laptop

Wedged orange green tea is your caper

Digest breakfast the news in one lot


What about corporate laced cereal

Fruit loops corn flakes or nutri grain

Shared with coffee toast and nutella

Sugar high first thing for the day


Or is your thing meditation and yoga

Fasting for calm peace and love

A mantra of joy as your coda

Embracing the godhead within and above

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