Nothing to see here? A Wet December Day’s Delights Along Delaheys Road.

For those less able Strathbogie walkers looking for a bit of light exercise and fresh air, Delaheys Rd ticks the boxes. We did the return walk in between rain falls, feeling it was ok to risk it because of the short 3km distance.

The start is only a couple of minutes drive outside of town off the Strathbogie – Euroa Rd (36 49′ 26″ S 145 42′ 19″ E). The road is relatively flat graded dirt, with only a few farms using it for access. Consequently, there is little vehicle use, so you can enjoy the rural ambiance and stretch yourself as much as you feel comfortable with – secure in the knowledge you won’t be bowled over.

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much to observe. However, as the photos illustrate, the roadside has plenty to discover if you take the time to explore. The vistas span a mildly undulating area of the Tableland, across pasture to the forested ranges.

There are cattle to talk to and sheep to observe. The occasional eastern grey kangaroo, koala, black wallaby, echidna or reptile may well cross your path. Ensure you take your binoculars for bird watching!

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