The Poets of Strathbogie (a tribute to speakers at “Strathbogie has SPOKEN”)

Sean introduced our show

With works of local flavour

A Molesworth fit to blow

A nature walk to savour


Michael spoke of Australia’s Centre

Of some of the time he spent there

Then with brevity he rendered

Godly joys of share and care


Kate embraced the divine

Spoke of a place sacred

Her oration was sublime

Left us exposed and naked


Seamus in his Irish brogue

Spoke with humour and of beaches

His story of the Kelly rogue

Touched on local history features


Ruth used poly props

With purpose for the children

Highlighting poly sops

And those they have abandoned


Andrew used his reading

To draw to our attention

The conditions and the bleeding

Of coal pits as detention


Dana exploded on stage

With the story of Tom the Glutton

A family favourite she portrayed

Where Thomas pushed the button


Anika’s poem was of vital spring

A brave girl in the making

She let her mother sing

While she thought of next creating


Jessica came with brca2

A gene carried through her family

Her power and emotive hues

Affected all who heard them deeply


Sim recreated Talliesin

A traditional Welsh story

Love born of a boiling cauldron

Of ugliness turned to beauty


Hagan worked the floor

As he told us when we were born

Everything changed at its core

The world’s very fabric torn


Elizabeth restructured original work

Into a new piece of writing

Her recital memory learnt

A grandchildren’s reinventing


Joan read us words of love

Charitable beauty from the bible

Then tickled us hand in glove

With Banjo’s christening libel


Bert came to, with bush poetry

The theme of cutting timber beams

And an old master’s notoriety

For working bullock teams


Katie took to the front with fire

“Possibility is as wide as

the space we create to hold it”

And so we left the church inspired

For future SPOKEN works emboldened

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