Cycling: Nagambie – Tahbilk Loop

Hub & Spoke / Bump & Grind Cycling Route

Route Name / Address: 
Nagambie – Tahbilk Loop
Nagambie Railway Station Nash St., Nagambie 3608

Gravel Grinder, MTB, Hybrid, eBike

Start / Finish locations: 
Nagambie Railway Station

Map (satellite):
GPS -36.785485, 145.160476
Nagambie – Tahbilk Loop
Easy. Thick gravel can add an extra push requirement

27km, 2hrs

128 – 144m
Flat with slight rises.

Good condition bitumen
Variable gravel. Mulberry Drive is smooth, but has drifts of quartz pebbles and blue metal stones. 
Mullens Rd is due to be sealed
Nook Rd and Terrara Lane both suffer water sheeting and mud in winter

Description and Features:
Excellent services, wide roads and service lanes in Nagambie itself. Prime horse stud and wine country. Lots of vast grain fields, pasture and vineyards. The Goulburn River bends and billabongs at Tahbilk Winery are gorgeous. The winery itself is an historic gem.

Riding conditions: 
Little traffic on the mapped route. If you opt to use O’Dwyer Rd there is steady traffic, but the shoulders are bitumen and wide.

Use O’Dwyer Rd instead of Habel Rd if you want to reduce the distance. 
Avoid what seems an obvious route along Vickers Rd. It has no shoulder is a narrow two way and heavily trafficked.
Clockwise or anti

Anticlockwise Cues:
Start Nagambie Railway Station
Left Nash St
Right Prentice St
Left High St
Right Nook Rd
Right Mulberry Drive
Straight Oneils Rd
Left Mullers Rd
Right Terrara Lane
Straight Nagambie – Locklsley Rd
Left Habel Rd
Left Ballantynes Rd
Right Murray St
Straight Nash St
Stop Nagambie Railway Station

Car parking
Picnic tables 
Public toilets
Potable water
Walking tracks
Historic features
Sports Reserves
Railway station
Directional signs
Information signs
Waterways & lake
Alternative routes
Flora and fauna habitat

Open water
Soft shoulders
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water while riding
Slippery surfaces
Subject to flooding
Road surfaces vary
Snakes may be active
Beware of vehicle traffic
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart 
Be equipped for self-reliant riding 

Take rubbish with you
Historic relics are protected
Native flora and fauna are protected
Riders must use formed roads only
Closed on days of total fire ban

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