The Risk

I cheat, I lie
I backtrack, deny
I obfuscate and complicate
anything to hide the truth

I cowardly
spread forwardly as ordinary
as conspiracy to larceny
as policy to conspiracy
I function in complicity 
in social media anonymity
Where I apply to truth misuse

The risk to me individually
that I can see
is virtually
small enough to be risk free
to spread hurt mischievously
to revel in power disproportionately

Vengeful at my oversight
my insignificance 
my empty nights
my blighted existence, my trampled rights
my lack of insight
into doing what’s right

I have devolved 
to taking what’s mine
no responsibility, my time to shine.
Basking in screen light I refine
my hatred of others 
for having what isn’t mine

No obligation to the social contract
I make my way with abuse and hack
I twist words and views - take that back!
Take that back!
Attack, attack, attack, attack!

Deep, deep, deep down, do I know this is wrong?
This never ending destructive ultra-self-interested song
this perpetual wallow in despair 
this unrequited desire to belong 
begetting this relentless desire to bring everyone else down
to my level
My oppressed throng.

Do I dare the admission?
Will I take the risk?

The shame of it
The pain of it
The wrenching, gutting bane of it
The creep, the dragging chain of it
The cowering, snivelling, 
ever repeating refrain of it
I am disdain, the disdain of it.
Will I take the risk?

The d'verse prompt for this week came from Tricia, a challenge to explore risk. Join us at

strathbogie poetry #strathbogiepoetry

18 thoughts on “The Risk

  1. Sounds like a keyboard warrior who feels power attacking and spreading conspiracy. I personally will never understand how people can live all day putting down others in the chat section of some political piece. It seems like they are risking their own happiness and piece of mind by doing such things. This was an interesting collection of sins, and I wish I could introduce this person to Jesus! 😊 I don’t think this person will risk admitting they have a problem, unfortunately. The ego thing. Well written piece!

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    • I am glad you found the rhythm. I would so love to write music, but fear I have left it too late. I have thought of trying to apply the tools of Garageband. Maybe I will get around to doing something with that.

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      • You made me laugh ….. and then wonder, would I write this if it was me? Maybe, I am not sure. I certainly do make public personal accounts of where I am at and what is going on for me at a given time. I think it is good to get things out and I value writing for that purpose.
        I also write in an effort to understand the world around me better. I do a bit of research. I try to empathise as deeply as I can, to get inside the heads of those I cannot fathom from the outside. This is definitely one of those efforts.
        I have had family express concern others will think everything I write is autobiographical. If that happens I just have to live with it I guess.
        Thanks for asking though! I appreciate it.

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      • you are only the second one here to make me wonder … that’s a sign of an excellent talent! Really getting into another’s head and expressing it from their POV, twisted as that maybe 🙂 Impressive!

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