The Photograph

when weary travelling an image of you I look at when I rest
your portrait kept in a locket of gold warm between my breasts
I see the small photograph and am reminded of what I’ve left
with longing I wish to be home again my head upon your chest

For today’s d’verse prompt from Sanaa I chose the derivative Option 2. To think of a word. I thought of “image.” To use a derivative to create a poem. The derivative I chose was “photograph”.

12 thoughts on “The Photograph

    • Somehow a digital version doesn’t seem to be quite the same. Possibly because it is disposable. A portrait in a locket has the more enduring properties we all hope for when we enter a relationship.


  1. This is gorgeously, gorgeously rendered! 😀 I have always adored the idea of having pictures inside a locket as I believe they hold sentimental value. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝💝

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