the natural state

Victoria is a beautiful state
big as the United Kingdom,
but in Australia rates
as quite small.

If you travel in any direction
from capital city Melbourne
there is pleasure and inspiration
in visiting the natural world.

1/2 hour short distances,
8 hour long distances,
extremes of snow or desert,
amazing bushland instances.

Every place I choose to go
provides a kind of joy.
No two places ever show
the same kinds of joy though.

But also losses are mounting.
I see it in most places now.
Degradation is a haunting.
Yet to fix it we know how.

Let’s do something about re-wilding
as Attenborough says we should.
Let’s stop the carping and the chiding
and talk about how we all could.

Written for the W3 on The Skeptic’s Kaddish Britta prompted for a poem that included the name of a city, town or village.

6 thoughts on “the natural state

  1. My cousin lives in Melbourne. She’s so happy there, that I can only imagine how wonderful Victoria must be. Australia seems to be a lot more proactive about safeguarding the environment than many other countries. In some places around the world it has already reached the point of no return.
    I really like your style of writing. It draws you in.

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    • Melbourne has a lot going for it, although it is very big now. We just keep creeping outwards, putting more people into marginal places that should be supported rather than overwhelmed.
      Thank you for the compliment. Writing is a great pleasure and I enjoy being a part of a community of writers. I am grateful to the dVerse crew for their work and encouraging participation in such an inclusive way.

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