Storm wind

 Such a turbulent, pitiless, brutal battering.
 This powerful storm wind pushes relentlessly through 
 the defenceless trees of the creek.
 It lashes most at the isolated and vulnerable,
 stripping them bare of grey green winter cloaks, 
 whipping the fabric of canopies to ragged threads,
 blasting layers of protective cladding away into a roaring tempest.

 This scouring wind probes incessantly for weakness,
 fissures in the gnarly bark skins,
 cracks in the very bones of each noble specimen
 mercilessly exposing deficiencies
 as it flails and lays bare its victims 
 with neither remorse nor respite.

Over extended over and over, flawed limbs fail first
fracture, snap and drop.
Crowns too heavy with water shake and quiver.
Sodden feet lose their grip on the world. 
Once stately trunks twist, rock, waver, shudder 
and fall.
And the sound of the final defeat is an explosive crack,
the collapse a mighty crash,
and the thud at the end is dead.

For today’s dVerse poetics Sarah prompted us to think and write about the elements. I chose air/wind because I often find myself contemplating the fierceness of a storm’s breath as it can turn the tranquility of our peaceful riparian zone into a deadly maelstrom.

13 thoughts on “Storm wind

  1. So passeth Holocene Edens … so much flourishes on the thinnest of margins; when the elements intensify their calibrations, so too the font of the poem, its reading. The language approaches madness, Lear in the storm, Exxon Mobil hunkered down. How are we redefined as the poetry ramps up?

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  2. Wow! Your description of of a storm’s destruction is awe inspiring. You draw the final struggle of the trees in the storm so well: twist, rock, waver, shudder and fall… the language evokes nature’s fury in all of its glory.

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  3. You held nothing back in describing the immense power of the wind. Vivid imagery that brings back memories of Storm Sandy for me. As a tree lover, it’s hard to see them as victims.

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