They told me I was holy
 I believed them
 Everything changed from there
 I knew what to say and how to say it
 I knew where to go and who to speak too
 And my messages of love served me well
 as I travelled the world gathering souls
 At first I thought I was on a mission
 Then the mission became a privilege
 I could bring light into the darkness 
 Lift the blanket of shadow over the world 
 Simply by saying the word
 Simply by telling everyone 
 what they already knew 
 Regardless of their inability to act
 I told them
 for a better world
 they must overcome self interest
 Then I saw the truth 
 How important my own self interest 
 had become
 If I was to be able to continue 
 doing such good and noble work
 love was the word
 and they loved me 
 while I loved adulation
 Prayer was empowerment
 They prayed, I played
 It was a perfect match 
 of preacher and congregation 
 Idolatry, narcissism and hedonism
 The spiritual demands of today’s society 
 thereby being well met

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