2 thoughts on “fungi

  1. Sean. Iola sent me a connection to your blog and beautiful images…it looks like you have found a wonderful place to be. It must be v heartening to witness the return of nature even if slowly and hesitantly. Warm wishes. Mary Featherston


  2. Thanks Mary, I am enjoying having a blog. It was suggested by my son Hagan. It is nice to have a place to park the things I like to do. Until recently, it had never really occurred to me others might enjoy them as well. I appreciate you wiring to tell me you enjoyed some of it too.
    BTW, Keir stayed here this weekend. He told me about the renovation of your house in Ivanhoe. He was very impressed. I still have a fond memory of it as the venue for Dad and Iola’s wedding.
    All the best.


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