RIP Broderick Smith.

Broderick Smith has died. He has had his time as we all will in the end, but unlike many of us he has left something special behind that will continue to be enjoyed. His legacy is uniquely Australian blues, boogie, country and rock music.

When I first heard the album “Blown” by Carson it was a revelation. That blues and boogie broke through the pop standards of the day to introduce me to a fascinating new range of genres.

When the Dingoes released their self titled album Brod was there again up front. They set the standard for an era of Australian standards. Classic Aussie popular music telling classic Australian stories.

We last saw him solo at the Elwood Hotel some 30 years ago. Still got the CD we bought from him there with that lovely “Snow blind moon” on it.

As another creative person whose music has reached into me passes, I just want to give thanks for his presence, creativity and of course the music. Musicians such as Broderick Smith have added so much value to my life. I will continue to value that gift and be thankful.