Hills Road, Strathbogie Tableland

Walking anytime is great. Walking during lockdown is even better! As we continue our quest to walk all the roads, tracks and trails of the Tableland, we continue to enjoy the pleasures and surprises of the task. Hills Road made for another pleasant local walk.

Broughtons / Gregsons Roads, Strathbogie Tableland.

Another pretty Tableland walk with plenty of winter ambience. It was cold and wet with a constant misting rain. There was a low and heavy cloud cover. Everything around us was beautifully sodden. A perfect day for a winter walk on the Tableland. We did a 6km return from Harrys Creek Road. Next time we will come up from the Fern Hill Road end to further close the gap in our ongoing quest to walk all the roads of Strathbogie Tableland.

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Mountains old

Strathbogie Ranges
 Mountains old
 worn down
 by time and weather 
 broken to

 Stones to gravel
 sand to granules
 dust to mud
 growth to decay
 decay to soil
 Inclined to 
 Declined to

 home of the 

 Boon to the
 of flood plains 

 Mountains old 
 are so much more alive 
 than the hard 
 sharp ridges 
 and strewn 
 craggy defiles 
 of the young

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strathbogie photography #strathbogiephotography

Strathbogie Cycling: Violet Town – Boho Foothills Loop

Violet Town Railway Station start and finish
Hub & Spoke Cycling Route

Route Name: 
Boho Foothills Loop

Start / Finish locations: 
Violet Town Railway Station Corner Primrose and Cowslip St., Violet Town 3669

eBike, road, hybrid, MTB

GPS 145.7164 -36.63884
Intermediate: modest rises


179 – 252m

Undulating terrain

Good condition bitumen

Description and Features:
A pleasant loop that follows the line between the base of the Strathbogie Tableland and the plains surrounding Violet Town. Broad vistas, attractive landscapes, pleasant foothills and roadsides of aged River Red Gums.

Riding conditions: 
Largely exposed to the elements

Anticlockwise Cues:
Start Violet Town Station
Head south east along Cowslip St
Straight Urmston St
Cross Hume Fwy
Straight Harrys Creek Rd
Left Hayes Rd
Right Boho Rd
Left Boho Church Rd
Left Smiths Rd
Left Boho Rd
Right Hayes Rd
Right Harrys Creek Rd
Straight Urmston St
Straight Cowslip ST
Finish Violet Town Station

Amenities (Violet Town):
Car parking
Picnic tables 
Public toilets
Potable water
Walking tracks
Historic features
Sports Reserves
Swimming Pool
Railway station
Directional signs
Information signs
Off leash dog play
Flora and fauna habitat

Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Subject to flooding
Road surfaces vary
Snakes may be active
Beware of vehicle traffic
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart 
Be equipped for self-reliant riding 

Take rubbish with you
Historic relics are protected
Native flora and fauna are protected
Riders must use formed roads only

ABC Breakfast Radio interview

This morning’s interview with presenter Matt Dowling regarding my work on tracks and trails promotion in the Strathbogie region. Commences at 43.30minutes.

ABC radio tracks and trails interview

The fight to protect Strathbogie Forest

Bert Lobert with fellow campaigners

Thoroughly documented by principal activist Bert Lobert, click the link below to view the remarkable chronicle of the successful local campaign for forest preservation and re-wilding. A golden example of what needs to be happening around the rest of the nation and the globe. .


The Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler at Polly McQuinns
That clamorous reed warbler
With the protracted breeding song
Passages of enamouring power
Designed to bring along
A partner for the season
With whom to court and spark
To share nesting in long reeds
At the edges of the lake
I do not know the words
Of this loud and spirited song
Launched from this small bird’s throat
Into the gathered avian throng
In the early morning,
at the end of each long day
Persistent and single minded
Seeking a mate to hold in sway
But the message is clear and proud
I am the one for you
Come to me my darling
Let’s see what two can do